In a world where Obesity is becoming the norm, how do you and your family stay healthy when everyone is publishing a complex exercise routine and costly diet plan for you to follow? Sometimes, the mountain can feel so overwhelming you feel it’s not worth taking the first step. However, if you had only a few simple steps to follow, could you do it then? 

In 2011 it was reported that 63% of adults and 30% of children in the UK were either overweight or obese. Now we’ve all heard about the associated risks to our health and growing burden on the NHS budget, but what about the effects on our self esteem? Let’s get personal for a minute and take the problem of you and your family being overweight a little closer to home. How do you feel when you look in the mirror or go shopping for that special outfit for your 40th that’s just around the corner? How much does that blow to the stomach hurt when your child comes home from school crying because they have no friends and people call them fat?  How hard is it for you to watch your children playing and simply not have the breath to get up and run around with them? These three ‘tipping points’ if you will are some of the most popular reasons people come to see me. You see it’s not always about body beautiful, for many the ‘motivators’ are more to do with health: coping with everyday life, keeping up with children, learning to love themselves again.You can’t transform your lifestyle for a healthier one overnight and this is often why for many the mountain is either too big to climb or the change is short lived. So the best advice I can give you is to take a holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle



1.  Take 30 minutes to focus on you and your goal for yourself and/or your family. Be specific about what you want and break it down into measurable chunks putting a timescale on each. Write it down. Visualise your success. What will you look like? How will your feel? What will you hear people saying about you. Hold onto that and when it gets rocky repeat this process.
2.  Incorporate more activity into your daily life. If the thought of exercise fills you with dread, then don’t tackle that just yet. Simply increase your activity for now and be happy with yourself for taking the first step. Take the dog for a walk twice a day instead of once. Park the car a little further away from the school and walk, or encourage outdoor activity such as a bike ride of walk in the forest at the weekend instead of bowling and the cinema. Just increasing your daily activity can have positive effects of your health and fitness3.  Get to know what you’re eating and make informed choices about what goes on your plate. Start turning the packets over when you’re shopping and reading the labels before putting it in your shopping trolley. Don’t overwhelm yourself, for now just read how much sugar is in the product. If it comes in the top 5 on the ingredients list or has more than 5-7g/100g it’s not doing you any favours