Exercise is often promoted as a weight loss tool; it burns calories, improves muscle tone and increases metabolic rate. But too often it’s seen as just that, but it can be so much more! That’s why at Skinny Jeans School, we focus on everything you need to succeed: Exercise, Eating, Education & Empowerment. We want you to enjoy our programme as it becomes your way of life.

There are lots of great reasons to work out that have nothing to do with the number on the scale, and everything to do with you living your best life. No matter your size or shape you should be free to enjoy the benefits of exercise. And exercise can do magical things for you! Here are just some of the reasons that working out is so great.

1. It’s Mood-Boosting

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, or ‘happiness hormones’. These chemicals act on your brain, giving you a boost of happiness. Regular exercise can also increase your energy levels, meaning that you have more energy to do the things you love — whether it’s catching up with old friends or partying all night. What’s not to love about being happier?

2. It’s Good For Your Career

 Remember what we said about energy levels? You’ll be less tired at work and more alert. Cardio exercise also improves your memory, problem-solving skills and general cognitive functions. It increases blood flow to your brain, and this blood is laden with oxygen and nutrients including glucose so that your brain can perform at maximum efficiency. Add this to all the chemicals that your body produces during exercise — serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are some of the key ones — and you’ve got a recipe to rev up your grey matter and set you bang on track for that big promotion.

3. You Can Make New Friends

Your mood is boosted and you’re feeling good about yourself; you’re in the perfect frame of mind to make good connections with other people. If you come to our studio classes you’ll be well-placed to meet a lot of people that you might otherwise not come across in your walk of life. The same goes for your own exercise regime. If you jog, smile at the people you see in your neighbourhood. If you go swimming, make chit chat in the changing rooms. You never know who might be your next BFF.

4. You’ll Have Better Sex

Regular exercise tones your muscles and makes you stronger, the increased blood flow to your skin will make you look healthier and more glowing, and you’re full of mood-boosting endorphins. This means that exercise can take your self-confidence through the roof, which can pay off both in the streets and between the sheets. Added to that, you’ll have more stamina and flexibility… need we say more?

5. It Can Make You Live Longer

Like any muscle, your heart needs exercise to keep it strong. Regular cardio hugely improves your heart health, and exercise keeps your body feeling young and strong. Exercise also helps you sleep more deeply, which has a significant impact on longevity. Think of it like paying into a pension fund — take that hour out of your day now and invest it in your long-term health. It makes sense right?