Busy lifestyles, responsibilities at home and work commitments mean that many of us struggle to make time to work out. But what if you didn’t have to complete a full-blown sweat session to feel the benefits of exercise? There’s increasing evidence that you don’t need to hit the gym to boost your health — instead, you can complete a number of ‘mini-workouts’ throughout the day, which add up to the same as one long workout. Mini-workouts can be done without any specialised gym equipment (although a yoga mat and small hand-held weights can be useful), and can be done at any point in your day. We’re strong believers of the 5-minute workout at Skinny Jeans School so here’s how to fit mini-workouts into your life.

Schedule times for your workouts

Think about when you’ll have the most time and energy to complete your mini-workouts. This might be first thing in the morning, just before lunch, on an afternoon break or when you get home from work. Find times that work for you, and stick to them. It’s much harder to skip a workout when you’ve already committed to it. Another benefit of pre-scheduling workouts is that in a week or so, working out should become part of your daily routine. Think outside of the box. Could you fit in 5 minutes while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil? What about when the kids are eating their breakfast? Or even during the TV soap breaks. No excuses!

Set out your goals

Whether it’s the number of minutes you spend working out each day, weekly weight loss goals, or successfully completing specific exercises — even with mini-workouts, there’s no excuse to skip leg day! It’s important to set goals to keep yourself motivated and on track. You should set both long-term goals (do you want to be more flexible? Boost your muscle mass? Tone up your arms? Fit into your wedding dress?) and short-term goals. (What exercises should you focus on? How many mini-workouts will you complete that day?) An added bonus from this is that successfully achieving your goals will boost your overall wellbeing and give you the satisfaction of a job well done. At Skinny Jeans School we’ll help you keep track of all your goals.

Take workout breaks instead of coffee breaks

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, or work in an office with a casual dress code, there’s no reason why you can’t take quick workout breaks instead of coffee breaks. Some jumping jacks, squats or lunges, or even a quick power walk around the block, will boost your metabolism, help build muscle, and give your brain a boost, making it easier to focus on your work when you get back to it. Trust us, it works!

Power up your walking

Walking more is one of the easiest ways to get moving, and power walking can burn a surprising number of calories. There are lots of ways you can fit more walking into your life — try always taking the stairs instead of the life (if you want to really feel the burn, run!), or getting off the train or bus one stop early. Change your household routine and walk to the shops instead of driving. Do laps in and out of the bathroom or up and down the stairs while you brush your teeth.

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