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We’re honest, caring & personal

I am a 40+ woman myself and appreciate the struggles of being in shape.
I care about you, How you feel and the results my programme brings to you.


We’ve built Skinny Jeans School on a value system that runs through every decision we make


Individuals will gain confidence to exercise without fear of not knowing what to do. They’ll understand how to exercise at their own level and progress their programme as they get fitter. They’ll enjoy working out, finding a form of exercise that suits them and makes them feel alive. They’ll get stronger, fitter, more agile and gain self confidence with their body. They’ll know how to exercise with or without equipment and no longer feel embarrassed or fear joining a gym if that’s what they want to do.


Individuals will taste new foods and learn to cook quick, simple, healthy and nutrititious meals for themselves and their family – meals that are tasty and provide bundles of energy to the body. They’ll know the importance of fresh foods and the detriment of packaged and processed goods all the while understanding their body and what intolerances it has to certain ingredients. They’ll listen to their body and know better how to eat to nourish themselves without counting calories or ‘dieting’.


Individuals will gain the knowledge the diet industry and food giants don’t want them to know. They’ll know how to read food labels and see through marketing ‘speech’ to know the truth about what ‘95% fat free’ and ‘Low sugar’ really means. They’ll make informed choices about what they eat knowing the true effects it has on their body, their weight loss/gain and their struggle to stay in shape. They will peruse the supermarket isles with eyes wide open.

Why I do it?

“I do it because I love to see the change in my clients. They don’t even talk about weight loss in the end…They talk of loving exercise, climbing a mountain, running their first 5km or just enjoying clothes shopping! Their confidence opens new doors to them and grants freedom. That’s why I do it and that’s what I love”

KT Chaloner


Individuals will have informed choice and indulge intelligently. They will eat out, socialise and go to dinner enjoying every minute guilt free! They can do this because they have eaten healthily all week and exercised regularly so that indulgence is something to be enjoyed without the feeling of ‘falling off a diet’. They will have a new relationship with food that includes treats and special occasions. They will be able to go for dinner and socialise successfully without throwing the towel in and ‘starting the diet again tomorrow’. Why?Because they know they’re not on a diet to start with. They are simply eating healthy.



Individuals will gain confidence in their body and learn to love their fit, strong, healthy and feminine bodies. They will turn the mirrors around in their house and appreciate what they see knowing they work hard to look and feel amazing. They will enjoy shopping knowing everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and they’re the best they can be. The new tightness from working out leaves their clothes sitting better and hanging beautifully. They will work that denim!

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Katie Chaloner

KT has more than 20 years International experience across the Health & Fitness Industry and worked with global leaders in their field. Having travelled the world working in Fitness, KT now runs a boutique personal training studio in Chester where she is one of most sought after trainers. Ranked Top 10 Trainer in the country KT is also the designer and creator of Skinny Jeans School


My Aim

To teach women the truth of sustainable weight loss and healthy living. No gimmicks. No fads. No diets and no calorie counting. Just simple honest truths about losing weight and keeping it off whilst still enjoying a fun-filled life and having a good relationship with both food and exercise.