stronger than your excuses

School is built on



30 minutes at least 3 times a week including strength training, cardio and core


a healthy and balanced food regime 80% of the time and indulge intelligently 20%


yourself on what works and what doesn’t for you and your unique self 


by yourself, KT and other in the SJS community to welcome the success

All built upon a supportive community of teachers, pupils and friends….

In our secret Facebook group and community forum we will support your success.

Unique Exercise Combinations


The Skinny Jeans School exercise programme is designed by a woman for women. The workouts are put together to burn calories, tone muscles and improve coordination, balance, strength and fitness. By utilising body weight with just a few pieces of resistance equipment and the beauty of intervals, our sessions are specific to creating a fit, healthy and feminine body.

  • Stronger core and pelvic floor
  • Long lean and feminine muscle tone
  • Fitter and more functional heart and lungs
  • Slimmer and trimmer tummy, thighs, bottom and arms

Healthy, Balanced and inclusive Food Regime


Being healthy doesn’t have to feel like you’re on a diet, missing out or constantly counting calories. We use simple portion control, focus on eating the right foods, balancing being human with an 80:20 rule of indulging intelligently.

  • Quick and simple recipes the whole family can enjoy
  • Taste each and every ingredient in the food without the processing
  • Socialising successfully with healthy choices when eating out
  • Quick corner cutting to stay healthy and on track on the move

The secret of success in our Prep & Prime Module


Losing weight, being healthy and staying healthy isn’t the same for everyone. Our prep & prime module provides you with everything you need to find out exactly what foods work with your body and which work against. This is the magic formula in individualising our programme for you.

  • Bad habits are broken and long forgotten with our 28 day elimination
  • Flatter tummy with reduced bloat
  • Boosted energy levels to last all day
  • Improved sleep and restfulness

Educated and Empowered Weekly


Losing weight and keeping weight off without remaining on the never ending diet cycle is yours for the taking. We educate and empower and with our weekly lessons you will have all the knowledge you need to succeed and have a diet free life long term.

Learn how to read food labels and avoid marketing ploys | Understand how to indulge intelligently and socialise successfully | Get to grips with how much to eat, what to eat when | Manage you hormones and blood sugar for success


and accessible from wherever you are.

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