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Skinny Jeans School studio programme (chester):

Delivered by KT Chaloner at her Studio in Chester

Skinny Jeans School Studio is how the whole programme started. Created to help women of Chester lose weight, get fitter, take control of their life and ultimately become more self confident. The success of the programme enabled me to create a second programme, ongoing graduate classes and ultimate this online platform. I still run the studio version as I love to interact with women and help them achieve their goal. This programme really delivers weight loss results through changing habits and attitudes towards food, learning to love exercise and the support of both myself and the other ladies in your group. 

You’ll train with me each week, plus have access to me via mobile to check in and ask as many questions are you like. We’ll have time for a weekly weigh in and 121 chat about your struggles and successes. If you want results, this is the one for you.

*This programme is specifically for women who want to lose weight and are beginners in the exercise department, or would like to learn how to exercise effectively.


Along with  access to all the online goodies and courses including workouts, recipes and more:

Weekly Workout delivered by me at my studio in Chester every Thursdays 6pm-7.30pm

Weekly weigh in and private chat with me about your struggles and successes to keep you on track for the duration of the course

Personal food diary analysis to see where you might be going wrong and where you can improve

Weekly home workout videos delivered online via our SJS membership site

Weekly nutrition lessons delivered online via our SJS membership site

Access to 100;s of recipes, plus the opportunity to create your own

Access to me whenever you have questions or need a little motivation

Access to our secret facebook group to share with like-minded women

Skinny Jeans School Courses are 6 weeks in duration every Thursday 6pm-7.30pm with KT Chaloner

PRICE £110.00/Course

Next Course (and the course you are booking is:)

THURS 17TH JAN – 24TH FEB 2019


17th January – 24th February

28th February – 4th April

18th April – 23rd May

6th June – 11th July

5th Sept – 10th Oct

17th Oct – 21st Nov

Free Skinny Jeans School online Membership

Suitable for everyone / No credit card required

This is for everyone who wants to feel part of a community of women focused on getting fitter, healthier and more confident in themselves. Skinny Jeans School has a large emphasis on weight loss for optimum health so you’ll find it full of exercise tips, recipes and education on how to be your best. If you want a little support with your wellbeing goals then skinny jeans school membership is for you


This membership includes access to many of our tasty and simple recipes the whole family can enjoy.

You’ll also have access the any free courses published for members only, so keep an eye out.

You can also upgrade your membership at any time to include the prep & prime nutrition programme or our full 8 week weight loss course.


You’ll have access to any bonus workouts, tips, and technique videos we publish in our free membership.

You can also upgrade your membership to our weight loss membership at any time or take one of our stand alone courses like booty bootcamp packed full of exercise videos!


Knowledge is power and we want to give you that power. Take control of your weight, health and wellbeing.

We offer upgrade options to structures programmes, but even without them you’ll find lots of helpful articles in our latest content section.


Join our free community of like-minded women all trying to be fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. We offer exercise, nutrition, education and empowerment to be all you can.

You’ll find an active community in our secret facebook group and in the forum that will grow over time, so get chatting! 


8 Weeks to Weight Loss Success online

Suitable for Beginners / No Equipment required

This is it ladies, the perfect programme for those new to exercise or getting back into fitness and not sure where to begin. If you’re looking to lose weight or finally get a grip on you overall health and wellbeing including changing your habits around exercise and eating, then this is the programme for you.


This programme includes our amazing prep & prime nutrition module worth £47 FREE, which is the secret to weight loss success long term.

This 8 week course will allow you to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t making weight loss easy from now on.

We also have 100’s of simple recipes on hand from our expert nutritionist so you stay on the right track.


The workouts start at 20mins and gradually increase to 30 mins as you progress through the course. There’s no equipment required as we use your body weight to improve your fitness, coordination, balance and muscle tone.

The workouts are designed specifically for women and maximum calorie burn both during and after the workout. You’ll amaze yourself at what you can achieve!


Knowledge is power and we want to give you that power. Take control of your weight, health and wellbeing.

Other programmes tell you what to do and when to do it, we also include the why so you can start to manage your fitness around your busy lifestyle and indulge intelligently making fit and healthy include fun.


Your 8 week programme will begin on the day you purchase it giving you instant access to the programme and the ‘getting started modules’. It also includes or 8 week Prep & Prime nutrition module FREE!

If you fall behind or need a break for holiday, don’t worry … you can join back in when you’re ready or pick up where you left off. It’s yours to keep! 


8 Weeks to Reshape & Redefine online

Suitable for those who have completed term 1 or have some experience exercising / Equipment Required: Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Resistance Band

This is it ladies, the perfect second step (after term 1) to taking control of your body and starting to look and feel like you have the body you can love. Whether you’ve completed term 1 or transferred to skinny jeans school having had some experience with exercise, this programme is perfect. Over the next 8 weeks we focus on helping you start to create muscle tone through adding resistance to your programme, which will help you start to sculpt your new body.


This terms nutrition plan helps you start to individualise your nutrition based on the days your’e training and start to get really sophisticated with your diet plan. In a simplified way you’ll learn how to manager the carbs, fat’s and protein you eat, quickly calculate portions and start to manipulate the how and when you eat to keep your new shape.


We’ve really ramped up the workouts in Term 2 adding dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands to help you sculpt and tone. The workouts also increase in intensity and duration so you’ll be working for at least 30minutes per workout. We continue to follow an interval based format, but start to mix things up by adding weights and diverting across into Tabata training every now and then. You’ll love the results!


In this module we start to teach you the tricks of the trade. How personal trainers themselves workout their exercise and eating plans. You’ll have already learnt how to avoid the marketing gimmicks in the supermarket, now you’ll learn just how to create your own nutrition plan.

Your 8 week programme will begin on the day you purchase it giving you instant access to the programme and the ‘getting started modules’.

If you fall behind or need a break for holiday, don’t worry we’ve given you an extra 2 weeks on your plan so you can dip back in.



The next studio course with KT Chaloner at her studio is:

Monday 12th Nov – 17th Dec

(special 6-week xmas course)

7pm – 8.15pm

SJS HQ: 33 Filkins Lane, Chester, CH3 5EJ

£115pp £86.25 and includes 6 weeks of group weigh ins, 121 nutrition support & workouts PLUS your online access to SJS membership including 8 weeks to weight loss success, prep & prime course and Reshape & Redefine

PRICE £86.25

Skinny Jeans School On-Demand:

We’re with you every day of your success

Skinny Jeans School on-demand is like having your very own coach with you every step of the way. Leading you week-in-week-out through exercise, eating plans, nutritional guides and keeping you on track. We read through all the latest trends, research and exercise plans out there so you don’t have to.

Simply log in and let us hold your hand all the way for continued success. There will be the perfect exercise class, recipe and article waiting just for you each time you log on.


Along with continued access to courses you’ve previously completed you will also receive access to:

Brand new weekly workouts so you’ll never get bored and keep getting results

Brand new nutrition lessons added weekly discussing all things nutrition, exercise and body confidence

Brand new blogs each week helping you find quick fixes on the supermarket shelves

Brand new results from Skinny Jeans School pupils around the world and what they’re doing to gain success

Brand new bonus courses added all the time such as 4 weeks to ski-fit, 6 weeks to bikini ready, 10 weeks to wedding glow

Lots of new recipes added to keep your taste buds tantalised

Weekly coffee chats with KT on how to stay fit, healthy and happy

Weekly Q&A sessions covering all those hot topics

You’re access to Skinny jeans school on demand is instant upon purchase.

You’ll have 24hr access so you can stay in control anytime and from anywhere.

No contract/cancel anytime.

PRICE £15/month

Studio Graduate Membership includes access to Skinny jeans school on demand plus 4 group classes a month (1/week) at SJS head office in Chester

You’ll have 24hr access so you can stay in control anytime and from anywhere.

No contract/cancel anytime.

PRICE £30/month