If you’re subscribed to our free membership now is the time to up the pace! We’ve announced the September dates for STUDIO SKINNY JEANS SCHOOL! That’s right! It’s time to up your game and come along to our studio sessions. Starting Thursday 20th September –until the 8th November, 6pm – 7.30pm the studio sessions will be held at our Skinny Jeans School headquarters – 33 Filkins Lane, Chester, CH3 5EJ. This membership is perfect if you’re based in or around Chester and you want to lose weight with that added support. But be quick, our studio sessions fill up quickly and we only have FOUR spaces remaining

But I’m Not In Chester!

If you’re not Chester bound, then don’t worry! You can still get all the benefits by upping your game and upgrading to our 8 Weeks To Weight Loss Success Membership online. It’s the full package for helping you lose weight, be healthier, fitter and more confident. It isn’t’ a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change and we’ll help you make the programme unique to you.

What’s Included in 8 Weeks To Weight Loss Success?

  • Access to our 8 Week to Weight Loss Success Course (worth £47)
  • Access to our 8 week Prep & Prime Nutrition programme (worth £47)
  • Access to our latest and archived content regularly updated with recipes, education and workouts
  • Access to our forums to chat with other members, ask questions and get support
  • Access to our secret Facebook group so you can chat with other Skinny Jeans School pupils
  • Access to any of the FREE courses we add just for our members

And What’s Extra With The Studio Skinny Jeans School Membership? 

  • 8 weeks group weigh-ins at the studio
  • 8 weeks of group workouts with KT Chaloner
  • 8 121 nutritional chats with KT Chaloner
  • Access to EVERYTHING included in the 8 Weeks To Weight Loss Success Course Outlined Above
  • 24/7 access to KT Chaloner via her private mobile number to ask questions for success

With both programmes you also have access to our secret Facebook group. It’s always great when we have a studio group and an online group starting on the same date as there’s loads of chatter and a huge amount of real-life support. It’s like having your own cheerleading team.

Whether you do the studio or online Skinny Jeans School membership, it is THE programme for you regardless of your fitness ability. Our classes are made for everyone and so are our online workouts. You’ll get support from KT Chaloner herself, the inspirational woman behind Skinny Jeans School. So whether you want a kick-start in the right direction or everything laid out for you to follow, get ready to sign up before the 20th of September.

Don’t forget you get the backup of our online membership too so you’ll be a part of Skinny Jeans School 24/7 for all the support you need to keep you on your fitness and weight loss journey.

Don’t take out word for it; we have loads of success stories that tell you just how worthwhile our membership is –

“Having never really trained or done any sort of consistent exercise before seeing KT I was pretty nervous for my first Skinny Jeans session. The minute I walked into school that all changed. KT instantly made me feel like I could do it and from then until now (18 weeks in) that’s stayed the same. I struggled to do a push up on my knees when I started and now I can do nearly 40 seconds of PROPER push ups, plus I can plank for the full 40 seconds!!!”  Alice Tripp

Head here to join now, or drop us an email or message us on Facebook if you have any questions. We’ll see you in September!