If you want to lose weight — so we’re told — you’ve got to get offline and get on your feet. Too much screen time is known as a reason for the nation’s growing obesity rates. And that’s true, to some extent — of course, you need to get out and exercise. There’s no getting around that! But that screen time could actually be helping you achieve your fitness targets; here’s why being part of an online community like Skinny Jeans School can help you lose weight and stick to your goals.

Wait, what do you mean by ‘online community’?

An online community is an online space where there’s a place for discussion and users can interact with each other. There are online communities focused on pretty much anything under the sun, but our online community is going to be of most help to you because it’s fitness- and nutrition-based plus everyone is on the same programme and can share their experiences – No matter what time of day!

But I already speak to my friends in real life! Isn’t that better?

Yes and no. It’s healthy to nurture offline relationships, and it’s even better when you can: exercise with your friends, hold each other accountable, and help each other to meet your fitness goals. But even if you have a strong close-knit support network, being part of an online community can have huge benefits.

Firstly, online communities such as forums and chat rooms can be anonymised meaning people can be more honest about their experiences and difficulties. We’re not saying you pretend to be someone else (No catfishing around here please!) But, it does give you a chance to talk about things a bit more personal. Maybe self-confidence issues that you wouldn’t speak to your family about or you can let your guard down a little and ask for help from your online peers.

Weight loss isn’t always easy and having space to discuss its harder aspects can be liberating. Connecting with other people who are going through the same thing as you are can be a powerful motivator to work through it together. Plus, advice from people who were coming from the same starting point as you and have successfully achieved their goals can be worth its weight in gold. That’s why Skinny Jeans School works. We’re all there for each other.

So it’s like a buddy system?

Yes, if you want it to be! Online communities can be a great place to share your successes and your small wins — your 800 Facebook friends probably don’t want to know that you lost a pound this week, but your online community is ready to cheer you on because they know how hard that was for you.

It’s all about the people, I guess.

It’s ALWAYS about the people. Science has proven that when we have more social connections, we’re happier, more productive, and more motivated — whether it’s online or offline. Community spirit is a great thing, hey?

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